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Useful Links

State Institutions

National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia - www.parlament.gov.rs

President of the Republic of Serbia - www.predsednik.rs

Government of the Republic of Serbia - www.srbija.gov.rs

National Bank of Serbia - www.nbs.rs

Ministries of the Government of the Republic of Serbia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - www.mfa.gov.rs

Ministry of Interior - www.mup.gov.rs

Ministry of Finance and Economy - www.mfp.gov.rs

Ministry of Defence - www.mod.gov.rs

Ministry of Regional Development and Local Self-Government

Ministry of Justice and Public Administration - www.mpravde.gov.rs

Ministry of Transport - www.mie.gov.rs

Ministry of Construction and Urban Planning

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management - www.mpt.gov.rs

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development - www.mpn.gov.rs

Ministry of Health - www.zdravlje.gov.rs

Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection - www.merz.gov.rs

Ministry of Culture and Information - www.kultura.gov.rs

Ministry of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning - www.ekoplan.gov.rs

Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy - www.minrzs.gov.rs

Ministry of Youth and Sports - www.mos.gov.rs

Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications - www.mtt.gov.rs

Bureaus, Institutes, Organizations and Judicial Bodies of the Republic of Serbia

The European Integration Office - www.seio.gov.rs

Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency - www.siepa.gov.rs

Agency for Privatization - www.priv.rs

Agency for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurship - www.sme.gov.rs

Security - Information Agency - www.bia.gov.rs

Serbian Business Registration Agency - www.apr.gov.rs

Recycling Agency - www.reciklaza.rs

National Employment Service - www.nsz.gov.rs

Republic Geodetic Authority - www.rgz.gov.rs

Republic Statistical Office - webrzs.stat.gov.rs

Republic Development Bureau - www.razvoj.gov.rs

Intellectual Proprety Office - www.zis.gov.rs

Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection - www.poverenik.org.rs

Tax Administration - www.poreskauprava.gov.rs

Customs Administration - www.carina.rs

Public Procurement Office - www.ujn.gov.rs


National Tourism Organisation of Serbia - www.srbija.travel

AP Vojvodina

Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina - www.vojvodina.gov.rs

Chamber of Economy of Vojvodina - www.pkv.co.rs


Official Web Site of City of Belgrade - www.beograd.org.rs

Street Map of Belgrade - www.planplus.co.rs

Tourist Organization of Belgrade - www.tob.rs

Novi Sad

Official Web Site of City of Novi Sad - www.novisad.rs

Useful Links
Useful Links