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Documents Certification

Certification of signatures, photocopies and translations


The diplomatic-consular missions can verify the signature on a power of attorney or statement. Verification of signatures on private documents in Serbian language (power of attorney or statement) for use in Serbia is performed in personal presence of the issuer of the power of attorney or statement, and on the basis of a valid identification document.


The Law on General Administrative Procedure defines the scope and form of the power of attorney. The signature shall be verified on every statement that does not provoke racial or religious intolerance, does not insult the state, state bodies and its representatives.


The diplomatic-consular missions cannot verify the signature on a contract. Contracts on the sale of immovable property can be certified exclusively in Serbia before the competent notary public. The power of attorney, authorizing another person to conclude a contract on immovable property transactions in the Republic of Serbia, can be signed and certified in the diplomatic-consular mission.


A photocopy, as well as a translation of a document, can be verified in diplomatic and consular missions. 


Inheritance statement


An inheritance statement and a power of attorney authorizing another person to make an inheritance statement (positive or negative) can be signed and verified in diplomatic-consular missions. Negative hereditary statements (renunciation of inheritance) must be made in the form of a confirmed (solemnized) document. When verifying the signature on the inheritance statement or power of attorney regarding inheritance rights, personal presence of the issuer and possession of a valid identification document is necessary. 


Certification of documents can only be done through scheduling appointment. For scheduling appointment and additional information, please email us at consulate.newyork@mfa.rs .

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